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Our professional staff is focused on teaching dance through proper body alignment, injury prevention, and technical accuracy and progression. Therefore, we stress proper dance attire at all times within the classroom. The dress code is both technically accurate and cost effective.

1. Hair MUST be pulled back at all times and NO jewelry may be worn.
2. All clothing must be age appropriate, and properly fitting, with no over exposure. 
3. Specific shoes are chosen for each class based on the necessary support for the student.
4. Dress Code MUST be followed for ALL classes.
5. Students, parents and faculty will always demonstrate kindness and respect.

6. No chewing gum allowed in studios.

7. No one is allowed in the studios without an instructor present.

8. There is no food, drink (with the exception of water bottles) allowed in studio.
9. Make-up classes are allowed and encouraged. Please inquire at the front desk as to which classes would be appropriate for make-ups.
10. Disruptive behavior by any student may result in the student being asked to leave class.
11. Students may NOT bring cell phones into the classroom.

12. Names are to be marked on all shoes, dance bags, and personal items.

13. Evolution Dance Center is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.

14. There is a lost and found at the front desk. Lost and found will be emptied at the end of each month.