EVOLVE Dance Company is the competitive dance company here at Evolution Dance Center. It is designed for the dedicated student looking for more concentrated, vigorous training and performance opportunities beyond our Annual Dance Showcase. Dancers in this program will attend additional required weekly classes, rehearsals, and workshops. They will perform at community events, and both regional and national Dance Competitions. Our goal is to teach students the value of teamwork, working towards a goal, and respect for the performing arts. Above all, we stress sportsmanship among the dancers, both at the studio and when in attendance at workshops, competitions and performances. ​

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*ALL Company members are required to take ALL Company Classes in their Level!

* EVOLVE Dance Company will perform and (3-4) Regional Dance Competitions and (1) National Dance Competition yearly. Fundraising opportunities will be available year round to offset cost of competition fees. If you have any questions please contact Melissa at the studio.

1. Students must demonstrate kindness, respect and excellent sportsmanship at all events.
2. Students will adhere to the studio dress code.
3. All students must register for and hold solid attendance in all required company classes.
4. Students are required to stay in hair and makeup and must wear their Company jacket and studio shorts at all times when not in costume, especially for Awards Ceremonies. 

*Pajamas, slippers or otherwise untidy appearance is unacceptable.
5. EDC must be notified of any performance conflicts immediately upon release of performance dates, so that the choreographers may prepare accordingly. 
6. All EDC Company members MUST arrive 2 hours before any scheduled performance time. This will be strictly enforced. If a dancer is not present at the scheduled performance time, the dance will go on without that student.